Fired Up Pottery

Walk In, Make Art, Create Memories
Cheaper than therapy and way more fun

Fired Up Pottery - Madison, Wisconsin

Yes, we are open Everyday. 
(Except Thanksgiving and Christmas).
The wet clay studio (clay and wheels only) is not available December 1 to 26, but that is a whole year away...

 How does Fired Up Pottery work?  You walk in, and we help you get started with an art project.  Allow an hour to 90 minutes for most projects.  Pieces are ready in about 7 to 10 days. We also ship finished projects.  Most people start with Pottery painting or Glass fusing.  Glass fusing is easy, it is like making a sugar cookie; you put glass on top of glass and glue it.  We put it in the kiln and fuse it together.
People are surprised when we say we do art with all ages, including babies and toddlers.
Projects for babies:  Hand and Foot Print art, of course!  We will help you with the prints and writing.
Projects for ToddlersLet them paint in medium to light colors and we can also add a hand or foot print.
Projects for kids under 6:  They are also great ages to do hand or footprint art.  They also like to use a lot of color when painting, and are becoming interested in making art the "right" color, so we see more brown dogs and less purple dogs.  They are interested in painting the entire piece, leaving less white space than they did when younger.  Kids this age make great art!  
We also have a Kids on the Pottery Wheel class for ages 3 and up ($25).

It is a great day to create art.
 Make some memories today.

January / February NEWS:

Join us at fisher King Winery in Verona on February 12th.  We will be making wine stoppers.

We are hosting a Galentine's party on February 14th at 6:00, and you are invited!

We have a very limited supply of ROWE pottery you can glaze and paint.  We obtained the pottery through a friend of a friend that bought the building in Cambridge.  It has the ROWE pottery maker stamps.  You can glaze it here and we will fire it for you.  Limited quantities so buy now.  We are the only ones who have this pottery.

 We have walk in:
*Paint your own Pottery, including High Fire  
*Glass Fusing
*Canvas Painting

We recommend a class for:
*Board Art (we prefer having your design cut before you come in, please make an appointment, and 
plan on 3 to 4 hours)
*Instructed Canvas Classes
and Clay and Pottery Wheels

Our phone number is 608-442-9900.
Madison, Wisconsin
Open 10-7 Mon-Saturday
Open until 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays
Open 11-5 on Sundays

  Clay and wheel pottery classes can be signed up for in advance by using the book online tab above.
  Please sign up at least 4 days before the class.

Most people spend between $18 to $42 a person, but we do have pottery starting at $5.  Glass fusing or pottery painting are ready in about 7 to 10 days, and board art and acrylic painting are taken home the same day.  No appointment necessary.

We host guided canvas painting, birthday parties, pottery wheel classes, girl scout troops and team building for companies by reservation.  See the book online tab above.
We would love to host your group! Most people have so much fun they are already planning their next visit before they leave!  We look forward to seeing you soon.  The party room is also available for rent after hours

In case of bad weather, please call the store.  If we answer, we are open. (Low tech but it works).

Fired Up is a walk in, make art, create memories studio.  That means no appointment necessary.  However, we do appreciate a phone call from groups larger than 6 so we can seat you together.
4112 Monona Drive    Madison, WI  53716

We do one free 4" tile of your child's footprint, or $8 off another pottery option.  For children 6 months and younger, please.  (Larger feet will not fit on the tile).

As a reminder, the wet clay studio (pottery wheels) is closed from December 1, 2019 to December 25, 2019.

Food can be brought into the studio if you rent the party room, otherwise drinks are fine in the main studio and party room.    Drinks and snacks which can be eaten with fingers and do not smell are also welcome in both the party room and main studio.  

Small note:  We just saw our studio listed on a coupon site, and it redirects to this home page.  Please note:  We do send out coupons via email, but only to folks who follow us by email or Facebook.  If you have coupons from 3rd party vendor sites, we did not issue these and will not be honoring them.  Please check with us about the validity of a coupon before choosing your project.  Much thanks!

We offer pottery painting, glass fusing, and canvas painting on a walk-in basis. Our staff are always happy to help newcomers. Pottery and glass pieces will be ready to pick up in 7-10 days. Canvas is ready the same day. We're a great spot to make gifts for parents, grandparents, friends, coworkers, and even teachers!  We just added wine glass painting- take home the same day.

We also run classes, including clay classes, wheel classes, girl scout and boy scout events, field trips, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, corporate team-building events, birthday parties, and fundraisers! Events and classes can be booked online.

We appreciate reservations for groups of 6 or more, since it helps us plan staffing.
4112 Monona Dr, Madison WI 53716

For more about us, check out our other media:

Click the link above to see the inside of our studio. You can navigate using the buttons on the bottom right.  Can you spot Deena the Birthday Dinosaur in our party room?

The video to the left is about 9 years old, (Time flies) and it was filmed by Google!  It is still a great video (90 seconds).  I look different now, with more grey hair. -Kim