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WE HAVE PIVOTED YET AGAIN, AND YOU ARE ALLOWED IN THE STORE TO PICK OUT PIECES AND PAINT COLORS, BUT WE WILL PACK THEM UP SO YOU CAN PAINT AT HOME.  Dane County has said businesses can be open for 50%, but no gatherings indoor, and our business feels more like a gathering space than a business that you would shop, by than leave.  So this is how we are choosing to handle it.  You can make an appointment to come in for 15 minutes to shop, and reservations have priority over people who just drive up.  Reservations cost nothing and you can make them immediately.  One family every 15 minutes.  So, our store is now closed again to painters IN THE STORE, and closed to pottery wheel classes.  Yo can still pick up clay to create at home, and we will fire your pieces.  You can still shop online, and pick up curbside.

Yes!  We are still delivering to Dane County Addresses at $5 a trip.   

Shop by going to Shopfiy.

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                  Fired Up Pottery in Madison, Wisconsin
                          Friday November 20, 2020  

We are staffing the store  7 days a week from 12-6, and 12-5 on Sundays.  We are allowing people to come in every 15 minutes to pick out items to take home and paint. We are taking reservations by clicking the link "Paint in the Store" under book online above.   Note:  We are not allowing painters to paint in the store due to the new Dane County COVID rates.

Masks are required while in the store (those that are capable).   We want you to be safe and we want our store to be a safe place for others too.   

Also, we would like you to wash your hand both upon entering and exiting the store to reduce germ spread.  Thanks so much.

 We are doing Fundraisers using the link at (below).  You can sign up for a week and we will give 20% back on all orders over $500.  Call Jerra at 608-442-9900 for more information.  We are happy to support charitable organizations.  

Please specify colors too, that would be awesome. There is a place to do that in the comment section when you check out. We will make up your kit and you can  pick it up curbside, or we can deliver. 

 People are doing birthday parties in small groups at a house or virtually on zoom.  If you want to book a birthday party in the studio we can do it at 10:00 am, or at 6 pm.  Talk with Jerra at 608-442-9900.

Clay gnome classes are still a thing. You can buy a clay kit online for $28, and it includes all the firings and paint.  Follow along with our video on our YouTube channel, Fired Up Pottery Madison WI.  Look for Gnome at home. 
Here is the link:  Gnome at Home on You Tube

I'm sure many will have questions, (hey we do too!) and this is a super fluid situation so you will see more emails from me.  Stay safe and be smart.