Fired Up Pottery

Walk In, Make Art, Create Memories
Cheaper than therapy and way more fun

Schedule a time with us to earn the pottery badge or enjoy a fun group outing! Call 608-442-9900 for scheduling between 10 and 7 Monday-Saturday, or until 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and between 11-5 on Sundays.  We do not book the Girl Scout events online since we prefer to do these at the time your troop normally meets even if it is outside of our "normal" open hours.  It is much easier for you to keep your troop meeting time the same and not have to move 10 schedules around, and therefore it is better for us too!  We look forward to your phone call.

For the pottery badge, ($22 per person, 2 visits) girls will learn how to make a pinch pot and a wall vase from scratch, plus they'll get a tour of the kiln room. Pieces will be available in 2-3 weeks to paint in our studio or at your next meeting (with a paint kit to-go). Once they're painted, they get fired one last time. Official pottery badges can be bought at the council office.

For other projects, we offer our very own Fired Up Pottery fun badge ($1 each)! This is for pottery painting, canvas painting, or glass fusing. We have figurines, ornaments, and dinnerware for painting. Glass projects include pendants, sun catchers, or bowls.  You can make 2 glass pendants and a cord for $19, or a glass 4 x 4 sun catcher for $19 a girl.

Here are some quotes from girls that have come to Fired Up Pottery in the past.

"I had fun painting and making pottery because I always wanted to do it" - Shelby

"I had fun painting and making a piece that will last a long time." - Bethany

"You get to let your creative spirit come out here." - Abby

"I got to pick my own colors and make the wall vase my own." - Carmen

"You'll never find something quite like this in a store- you can make it however you want." - Emily

We welcome groups of up to 30. Call the studio at 608-442-9900 for pricing and to schedule a time. We are happy to work with your troop's usual meeting times!